Fashion and Styling Tips

Fashion and Styling Tips

Tips on How to Keep Warm but Stay Fashionable

by Claudette Ross on 01/19/16

  •             Layer your look - it's  perfectly fine to pull out your UGG boots and big North Face Jacket, but remember you can still wear those cute 'little' jackets and ponchos, just make sure you have on layers.  Layering your clothes will allow you stay cute but also warm.  Undershirts, Tights, Thermal Undergarments worn under your garments and tucked in with keep you warm.
  •        Wraps and Ponchos are very fashionable this season.   Just in case you thought you needed to put yours away with the dropping temperatures, think can make this part of your layered look.  Start layering with a tank top, add a thermal top and then a sweater; top it off with a poncho or fur vest and you will have that warm toasty feeling.   Don't forget to layer the bottom also, especially if you will be walking out in the elements.
  •         Hats - Definitely a Yes!!! Some people shy away from wearing hats, but when you take the time to find a hat that flatters your face and hair style, you can knock them out with cuteness!  Make sure your hat goes with your outer piece (whether you choose a vest, poncho, or coat).  We still have a few of our popular Wool Floopy Hats left (black, navy, red).  See our Warm and Fashionable pictures to order.


 See our Recommendations for layering up to stay warm. Share your tips for putting together a perfect warm but fashionable outfit.




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